Hello all,

Welcome to my lifestyle blog: Blog of Seasons. My writers name is [xoxo September]. I wanted to start things off with you getting to know what Blog of Seasons has to offer. You can expect new entries weekly. This lifestyle blog will consist of food recipes, beauty tips, mental health/relationship/financial advice. I encourage you to send emails or post in the comment section if there are any subjects you want me to touch on or write about. Please feel free to send me emails if you rather discuss something in private. I want to make this blog as interactive as possible and to offer a safe environment for people to freely be themselves and have open positive discussions.

I created this blog for people like me, young adults following their dreams and trying not to lose oneself in this chaotic world. Remember I don’t know all the answers but I will post a lot about my experiences so I can share with you all in hopes of helping someone. Since I’m a woman most things will be from my point of view and may be more relatable to women however there will be things that men can learn and take away from reading my site. I created this for all.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

Xoxo September

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