Social vs moral standards

I use to believe in “social standards” and I thought everybody should know right from wrong. I thought most things were clear cut and if you did xxx that made you a bad person. Well I grew up: physically and mentally. I’m not that same 10 year old little girl that thought everyone follows those “social standards” and I’m extremely thankful for being more open and realizing that social standards suck!!! In my opinion, social standards has no value over moral standards. Here’s the difference. 

Social standards: living by societal rules that says something is right or wrong. Fitting into a mode. One sized fits all category. 

Moral standards: living by self reflection and being true to one’s self. Standing on what you know and love to be true about yourself. 

I’m a believer that kindness and love will always win. No matter the situation. 

My moral standards/values (I have so many lol so I’ll only name 3 for the sake of this post not being a 3 hour read lol): integrity, empathy, grounded. 

What’s some of yours? 

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